The Skill Development platform for Housing Finance Sector

First of its Kind for Indian Banking Sector

Virtuoskill is a one of its kind, a blended skill development platform in the banking sector developing manpower for housing finance businesses since 2010.

What is unique about Virtuoskill?

Virtuoskill has launched India’s first Certified Mortgage Professional program of 25 hours. A program that has been acknowledged by housing finance companies.

Are you looking for a job in banking and finance?

If you decide to make a career in housing finance, every bank you are walking into is an elite club as the market is only going to explode. Roti, Kapada and Makaan are the basic needs of life. With young population, the need for housing and housing finance is only going to increase and flourish.

What is the outlook of leading banks in India?

Even if we consider only one bank, the largest bank of India, The State Bank of India has a home loan portfolio of Rs 5 Trillion rupees constituting 23% of its loan portfolio as on Dec 2020.  They aim to achieve Rs.10 Trillion rupees by 2025. If we look at HDFC Ltd.: The pioneer and the largest housing finance company, the total loan given by them constitutes around Rs. 5.52 trillion rupees. If we add all banks and NBFCs, HFCS, the numbers can be mind boggling. Take a decision today and sign-up for certified mortgage professional program and start your banking job and make a career in the sunrise industry. The starting point can be our Introduction to Housing Finance course.

Achievements of Virtuoskill

More than 5000 professionals have been certified in our classroom sessions and now working with leading banks and housing finance companies like ICICI Bank, Aadhar Housing Finance, DHFL, Deutsche Bank, Piramal Housing Finance Ltd.

In short span of time, since launch of the digital learning platform in February 2020, more than 10,000 hours of digital learning has been clocked with 95% plus completion rate which has a unique feet for self-paced digital learning modules.  Our digital platform is effectively used by leading brands like ICICI Bank, KIFS Housing Finance, Nivara Home Finance, Deutsche Bank, Indian School Housing Finance, Hinduja Housing Finance.

What we do differently?

Every learner as an individual has different needs. Our digital platform provides the opportunity to pause, ask questions, take notes, discuss concepts and see the application of the skill in the field. Learners also can reach out to the faculty of the course to get clarity.

Graduating students can look forward to having project assignments to experience the industry practice. The resumes of certified graduates will be shared with industry players for internship and placements. We do not guarantee a job. The meritocracy and performance will be the criteria of each organization.

We partner with banks, housing finance companies and non-banking finance companies  to develop knowledge resources on the digital platform and as implementation partners for implementing digital journey, process re-engineering and productivity enhancement initiatives.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go visit our Website to get started with your course and put forth your stepping stones to become a certified Mortgage professional! Keep Following our blog for more exciting content about the BFSI sector which will be of great help for your future endeavors in this sector!